Part II: The Restarter

by Half Face

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About a man and the hope he wants brings to others.


released June 24, 2011

Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Drums-Erik Fredriksen




Half Face Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Half Face is Erik Fredriksen.

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Track Name: Translators
I was a leader before I stopped caring
I was a martyr before I got the fuck up
Excuses confuses what I choose to be real
And how my legs are now only metal and love

Clouds like black pearls in my system
Tree vines define how I am not them
She extends her roots to the ends of the earth
And I can't make it past the first bend

I'm not here anymore
Vortex of space
We write off the sky
Windows of lace

Wait, I need you to me mine
The goddess I can’t find
Translators of the world
Please help me through the brine

Walking through the mist
The ender of the sky
Hands of an arsonist
Fire in my eyes

My ribs are splayed out for the world
Face is ripped of, painted forever
Vegetable helpless but not fearless
I just want to die
Track Name: Rising Tides
Watch my arms wrap round everything
As they did me
See the water everywhere
Not a drop to drink

Watch my eyes kill everything
That doesn’t deserve life
Feel the anger everywhere
Do what is right

You know you can’t hide
Watch the rising tides

Walk the Earth to spread my message
Become one with god
You see me stumbling
Gamble with love
Birds don’t judge me, I’ll find you soon,
You know it’s true, I’m so scared of you
Wrap you round my neck and follow the moon
You know it’s true, I’m so scared of you

I got on my raft to set sail
I know I’d find you someday
And giving up my hope and crew
I’ll keep going anyway
Track Name: Questions Unanswered
I took a look and erased it all
Watched all the memories fall
Like flowers, my flowers
And now my mind is clear again
Swim to the stop of what my god sent
For my new life, my new life

Take the goblet from my hands
It melts away before you have a chance
Confusion, confusion
And I just stare into the sun
Wondering how my time is gone
Into the black, my own black

Water, freezes over, it strangles me, yeah it strangles me
Fire, of my lyres, it burns me, yeah it burns me

The songs we do not sing
Does life really mean anything
I spend so much time thinking that I don’t know how to be myself

It comes so fast that I infer
These are all my questions left unanswered, unanswered.
Track Name: Soul Breaker
I've been having a bad day for the last few years
Colored like the ocean by the sky and its fear
Conglomeration of the smoke and all the rest of the dust
I fell from my could because I got too heavy with my lust

Invisible yet rock, invincible but unstable
Symbolic yet I never actually had meaning
I walk down from my sanctuary and realizing
That my gods had no chance of materializing

Just falling apart at the seems
I have the heart but it’s infinitely weak
I’ll do anything just to help you up even if I fall again

You’re a soul breaker
Tentacles around my eyes
I wanted time to stop
just so I could trace my mind
You’re a soul breaker
Hair wrapping around my shoulders
I ignore it and I am unable
to stop thinking bout her

Bottom of the ocean, top of the sky
Buried at the bottom but I get so high
And when I surface again, I know, yeah I know
Track Name: Synthesizer
Inhuman limbs, all breaking off, I start to fall apart
I Sprout my wings, just float away, finally a new start
Raptures beginnings create a passageway so intense it synthesizes
Creation mesmerizing flower pipes and golden paper grabs from your insides

I wash away the wine with mead  crash into a planet I've never even seen before
Revitalized and arrived decide my design when I find the endings of a useless war
Divinity sinning like a waterway face the day and grab it by it's hair
What's romantic when we’re not naive, maybe we can ignore it cause I don't care

Never alone, rain diamond prone, the blood red crone, destroy my home
Restart again, collect insane, direct defame, I'll never be the same

Caressing legs, I love it all, and her especially
As you walk away, I don't give a fuck, I don't heal gradually
I'll find a way, revive again, and again till I make a path
Paradox soul, I'll bury the holes, hold your hand and laugh

Inside my head, I’ve been all dead, my lovers raise me from the hole
A new hitler, a dictator, and wait for you to cleanse my soul
I am your god, I am your god, please worship me as I worship you
You're so beautiful, I can't look away, the painting that I drew

But I lay there, can't stop myself, my consciousness is all gone
My eyes are blank, I threw my brain right into the sun
Tear off my limbs, break off my heart, and leave it beating slow
Look around in fear, and brace myself, I truly am all alone

Remembering the wild, I tore it all apart, I lay in the middle of a field
There’s a lot of things that are on my mind, the box that is temporarily sealed
The swords of life, collective strife, we’ll hold our hands and pray
We’ll be together under clouds of terror and look for that one day