Part III: The Destroyer

by Half Face

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About a man and his subsistence.


released August 26, 2011

Erik Fredriksen: Everything




Half Face Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Half Face is Erik Fredriksen.

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Track Name: A Game of Cards
Hey girl in line
Show me yours, I'll show you mine
Yours are so fucking divine
It must be some sort of sign

Hey lover outside
 I keep thinking of other times
The cards played are like a crime
I will take back what's mine

The ending came out so wrong
I had planned it out for so long

The water flowing through my veins
I'm so ready to rip off my face
Replace it with another one of your hands
To hold you close every day

Hey world out there
You make me rip out my hair
Your dealings, they seem so fair
But now I am much more aware

I am stuck under the world's glare
Only now did I start to care

I am the jack of hearts
You were my Joan of arc
We killed the king of spades
The joker became the start
He was the real king of hearts
My club was my hidden ace
The queen was under a cloak
My trump two arms to embrace

I’ll get out of my chair
And blow out my brains
Because after this hand
It’ll all be the same
I awoke the destroyer
He commanded my eyes
My final hand was a bluff
But no one was surprised

I just wanted to die
I wanted to restart and die

I wanted everything to change
Thoughts breeding inside of my head
Unable to do this without you
Oh god I wish I was...
Track Name: The Last Ending
I grabbed your hand and pulled off your arm
It was infinite, slack and dumb
I pulled it and pulled till I drowned in the hope
Of the shallow pool from which I come

I'm only human in so many ways
I tried so hard to command the fray
Though these whisperings helped me through the day
I don't need another transformation to stay awake

I'll make it through somehow
Hold my hand like you did before
I transformed and you loved me
Help me soar

Oh, the world I could change
The ending of me
The sweetest alive
I cannot decide
I’ll always degrade
I’m always a phase
Create a crusade
Restart and upgrade

Do you remember the time
When we were together at last
Our love was alive
Now it's but a cast
Do you remember the time
We were hand in hand
I crushed the world
You were there to help me stand

I pulled the trigger as fast as I can
But I never hurt because I wasn’t a man
This is my last ending and I'm gonna stop
I’m ready to consider the fact that I’ve lost
Track Name: The Promise
I wish I was out of this space
Too unreal to even conceive
I left a being of waste
Indistinguishable from me

The world was unprepared for me

I found the door and it’s guarded
By a million angry souls
I willed away the war
And through will I was whole

Right now
I miss you
I promised her I'd stop the pain
With all my limbs broken or lame
Right now
I miss you
I'd do anything but
I don't know if I can do this again

I rip apart the screen
Stab the destroyer with a knife
Dive through into the world
I've never been so happy in my life

The world is changing around me
And what was heaven is now the sea
I looked at the wounds I had inflicted before
And only now do they bleed

I have made this promise
I never needed this family
I restarted it all
Just to end up destroying me
With the ability to think, I crawl
One last chance to recreate it all
I'll lose everything in the world
But I'll be able to reverse the fall
Track Name: Trichotillomania/A Game of Cards (Reprise)
Sing a song of a thousand lies
I am everything your god likes
Dream a dream of a thousand days
I am everything I hate

Sing a song of a thousand highs
All wondering where the hell's the sky?
Dream a dream of a thousand tries
To kill it all and end up alive

Sing a song of demons unheard
Calling them out is so absurd
Dream a dream of not knowing how
To live a life and not fall down

Tell me what is love
Remember who you are
Fly to heaven above

Man of black and white he said
Fuck em up and stain the world red
I wish I’d fucking kept it in my head
I burned you before I put me out instead

God dammit I’ll rip you apart


I dimmed the lights
I hyperventilate
The rhythm continues to change
I dance but I can't move away

I’d only die in front of you
This rhythm makes me wanna fucking move

Bright light streaming into my eyes
I laughed at that from which I stem
I've never felt like I grabbed hold of life
I wish I could spend time with them
Track Name: The Human
I reached to remember the feel of your face
It passed right through my hands, eyes burnt like mace
Crushed up against against the lies in which you were conceived
I don't really care because you mean everything to me

I stood up and you disappeared into the dust below
I recreated the hell from which I came from and loved it so
It wasn't nearly as bad as I remembered it to be
All my love diverged away when I tried to stop being me

I'll keep fighting for however long I last
Derived false truths from when I was crass
The world just spins too far too fast
The world just spins way too god damn fast

But I know now, you weren't real
I loved myself just to know how it feels
The roads I walked were of broken glass
The light I see will forever last

The Sunset is so beautiful, purple as my visions
I was so in love with her, I knew that she was the one
The palm trees painted on her eyes, the sand deep in my grains
I imagined her, the water never the same

I packed up everything in order to be prepared
I wished that everything could be wrapped up the same way
Tore up everything because I thought I was just caught in your hair
I just wish that everything wouldn’t make me afraid

We danced under suns of stone
Collapsed when you started to strobe

I was a little star just waiting to explode
The thoughts of war, I know I’m gonna break in two
My heart is starting to push all the way fucking inside
My god I’m gonna die, I can’t find a way

We danced under suns of stone
Collapsed when I held you down

I’ll never give up

And now we’re alone
My eyes are bleeding in spite of our love
My skin floating away
I’ll never give up