Part I: The Family

by Half Face

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About a man and his religion.


released April 6, 2011

Erik Fredriksen: Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Etc.




Half Face Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Half Face is Erik Fredriksen.

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Track Name: Axon
Well, ain't this uncertain, Not knowing just working, Understand it all
Welcoming persons, god is my hurting, Indeterminite walls

Oh, Flashing colors, I can't handle this, all unfathomable
Axon, unbearable information, overloaded and disabled

Baby baby, you know I'm scared
My friends are reckless and I'm unprepared
My world is spinning so fuckin fast
And I don't know how much more I can last

Crush your roses in my hand
I will not ever hit the land
Fly into the blackish void
Just because I don't know what else I can do

Took my heart and broke my chest
Tore my eyes out and fucked with my mind
I can't even handle the rest
I know I don't have that much time

Crushed, concieve of the future, the holy ghost and his meddling voice
Lost, bottled up, indoctrinated into this, this was my choice

Baby baby, I know your dead
But I can still reach out for you in my head
Track Name: Hypnagogic
It's following me, I can't stop now
It's so close, it's in my house
Eyes dilating, mehanical, robotic
Dehumanized, let me speak, let me speak

You know who I fucking am
Damned, ascended, I will never be
One Man
The consequences of my love
Following all these things up above
Theraputic, to say the least

I crushed the world unknown
And whispering inside my ears just means
That I am fully grown
Deriving the thoughts of the world
I'm saviour of the tiny girl
That just wants a place to b

But when I was but just a spawn
I destroyed all these crazy laws
And now the law is me

Know what I am

Crushed inside a fucking glass box I am all and I am perfect
Let me speak, oh let me speak
Track Name: Dysthymic
They took my hands like they spread my eyes
Explaining everything inside
The blood just represents the pain
The skin just closes in the mind
We can accend to reach david
The one who started all of this
He's in our soul and in my head
I will not stop till I get ahead

God help me, expell the demons from my head
God forbid, that this might all make sense
With nothing left to live for I may surrender to this family
And it never seems to end

Fuck with us and you will see
The endless posibilities
Surrender reason and all doubt
And you can accend to the lord
This knife will simply cut the ropes
Your face will spill across the ground
The devil makes you hesitant
in hopes that you won't reach the lord

Winter's cold blood falls onto the ground
Innocent beings raped, God found
What have I gotten myself into
And I fall apart again

Why does everything always happen to me?
I don't even know why this thing is whispering to me
I never had anything to live for before
And now I don't want to be a lord
Oh no I just want to be left alone.
Track Name: Nosophobic
I walked through the doorway of fire
Satan's there to let me in
I ripped out his heart and lyre
Just to have it disappear again

I ripped off the mask of death
To assimilate myself with David
I believed in whatever may be up there
I wish that I never did

Crushed like a bug inside your arteries
Shaken like the glass of spiked wine you ordered me
Crossed out like Jesus when he tried to defend the meek
When you all loved me I begged you to let me speak

Diseased, in pieces
Scared because it's everywhere

Well I'll just lie in our naïveté
And wish I could be your ghost
But none of this is real, it's just an excuse
To run from our real host

Don't be afraid my love
You don't need to do this to yourself

Destroyer Admire me as I run away

Reach put and take my hand
It will all be ok, don't worry just trust me
The sand will flow out of our statue
And I will reach through the covers and seeds

While I am worthless in this world
This is not how to deal with things
Don't take the knife or pray to us
Just wake up and sing
Track Name: Hand in Hand
Grieving like a hopeless romantic
I am space time just wrapping round your mind
Just waiting, waiting
For you to come inside
Oh the feeling of love on my skin
A scientist observing his lover
Experiment, experiment
Breaking through the warped covers

Where is the world I grew up in?
Where is the peace in all the din?

Gods are the stars and they are shining upon me
I remember when I knew nothing of the world
And I was just painting, painting
Onto this canvas of feelings and words

None of these things seem real to me and I don't know
I just can't seem to understand...
I thought I was an intellect, I thought I was a sort of higher being
Holding you, clutching to, us two, hand in hand

And I reveal the snow to the world
Analyzation of how our limbs curl around
I am the fire I don't give in, don't give up, never give in
Collapse the ice
So I can swim again