Onward to Jupiter

by Half Face

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released August 13, 2013

Everything - Erik Fredriksen




Half Face Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Half Face is Erik Fredriksen.

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Track Name: Aleph Null Bounds
Free from my natural bounds I construct sounds
Feel the groove in you and learn to scream out loud
It’s hard to learn how to be fun and complex yet proud

I got the will to behave and live and misbehave and start a war
Gödel told me my efforts were fruitless, but I still want more
I got the mind of enigma, the soul of a whore

Let's do it again, infinite recursion
A closed mind trying so hard to unfurl
Stopped by goddesses of hearts infinite
Whose eyes open up the world
All but the Achilles heel
Woken up by words of steel
I tear up my heart because it’s shit
Start over again, feels so surreal

Ready? Destroy.
Get up? All right.
Here comes a thought
Create a lie

Some time to think, let all the things I've learned marinate
You know you gotta appreciate the wait
To transcendence above all and to all a good night

Your heart is a gun, your lungs an itchy trigger finger
I'm so tired bout giving a fuck that I forget about everything else out there

Trees so mechanical they seem so scared of themselves
We lie so that we may dance
But I have decided to cross this bridge
To no man’s land
What I find is shocking and limitless
But I disintegrate so fast
I think logic is all I need right now
And a hand that I can grasp

Cardinality Unknown
The infinity I disown
Devolves into a moan
So primal
Remember who I am inside
Recover some semblance of pride
And maybe another time
I’ll try again

You say I don’t love you
You know I do
My heart’s still evolving
My blood’s still blue
You say I don’t love you
You know I do
My love’s so misguided
It feels so new
Track Name: 6
Post post modernest introspection
I am only what I put into everything else
To lose hope is to die, to lose love is to starve
But you and I are unbreakable cells
To deconstruct the deconstruction
I fear the cliche, so I make more
Fear’s comfort is that I thrive for myself
If God exists my existence is meaningless

Reduce the world to a number
Lusting after perfect eternal fire
Is there something missing or too much inside?
Too late have I decided that my feelings are dire
Lover wires tying my hands and my mind
Expressionistic gestures so meaningless
To discover modernism is already dead
So we construct something post-esque

I wrote the rules
A priori and true
I expose it to the world
I promise I’ll stop soon

Inherent value of a non existent
To justify ourselves in a space so dark
Tis a construction of a mind so frail
To exist only for the sake of its parts
Because I exist I cannot just think
I must bring something that brings rapture
To people’s hearts, minds and souls
Of what I am not sure…

I want every single significant part of me
To be something I’m proud of
And right now it’s everything I ever wanted to be
That makes me scared of
Everything I’d ever hoped not to happen
Jumping me like some sort of
All encompassing philosophy
Reminding me of everything I can’t fucking say

You ready for some rock n roll baby?
This kinda sound drives me crazy
I’m turning on my brain for just one second
Cause every single thing we do makes me worry

And so the smallest crack in you
The negligence of my sight
Is to split my heart in two
And so I beg of you please reply
Track Name: I Reach Out To The Sky
I’ve watching you from across the room
Seeing how you grow and prosper
How I’ve grown to love you

I imagine magma eating my body
Such a burning sensation could only be caused by love
I latch on to death as it drives so near to me
but I come back to my senses, or perhaps from cowardly fears

Creation of an imaginary hole,
Should I be ashamed

Fire is a motif that seems so inviting
But it is dampened by things so natural
And heightened to a degree so out of control
By fits of passion and catalysts unfortunate

Gerund am I, words cannot describe my state of mind
Numbers are obsolete compared to my objects
Simply the thought can lead to a misunderstanding
Behind its motive and problems in the self

I wake
The dark ahead of me seems less bright
The light seems so inviting and so safe
There is no more torment or sadness just a mind
Of scientific progress

Creation of an imaginary hole,
Should I be ashamed
For the remnants feel so real
A new reference frame

Oh in the back in my mind near an exit
That keeps filling up with waste
Whenever I try to put it in its place
The sky opens up and an abomination appears
Consisting of all human interpretations of evil
When I think of it I flail involuntarily
For the redness is so frightening
I constructed blue to retain my humanity
The morning is slow but sure
The beast draws ever near
Who could possibly believe these tales of absurdity
Nothing matters
Everything remains
Track Name: 28
You can't kill me if I'm already in purgatory
I am the fire golem raging in your territory
Love is a triple edged sword, two in my direction
Though nothing's quite as sad as the temporary

Angels so beautiful with a strange understanding
Of being I cannot comprehend
But these axioms they’ve chosen are so strange to me
How could I ever reach the same end

Gabriel’s horn is my spear
So much to cover with black, so little inside
No one takes me seriously, so why should I?
I crush my heart and I bide my time

Philosophy's a virus that just chews at your soul
Looking inward is the weak man's way to feel whole
All it brings up is hypothetical feelings and real guilt
Just one last straw to make a bottomless hole
The demons are replaced with you, strong unlike my visions,
Hardened by heart and my lies
Eternal damnation and fucking loneliness

You know, I never take this side of me seriously

The grass scrapes against my mind
The endless blossoming inside
Where hell spawns roam with rage so blind
Leaving I, ever so uptight

One day I’m afraid, the energy might change
Into something I can’t just contemplate
But an uncontrollable entity so incomprehensible
It puts it horror to my head, god it’s late

Oh, just let it go
She says, she says
Track Name: Synthesizer 0/2
I'm Robespierre, you're my princess, you're all my princesses
I'm a lover, few exceptions, sometimes it gets into a mess
I'm everything, but I need something, to fill me up inside
I'm anything, you want me to be, it means enough to stay alive

Please love me, graciously, don't hurt me, just kill me
Hang on to me, please use me, I don't care at all, I don't care at all

Inside my head, I am all dead, my lovers put me in the whole
A new Hitler, a dictator, and wait for you to cleanse my soul
There's a million times, I've been alive, fantasies twisted in bed
Each one contains, the same yet another, and they are what keep me dead

Please care for me, please nurture me, as I do everyone
I'm not as heartless, as I seem to be, I'm loving like the sun
Open up my wounds, stick your face in, and leave your imprint
Paint over my holes, and stain yourself, it'll help us both a bit

Please hold my hand, don't be afraid, we're so alive, we have today
Don't worry about the ends, learn from your mistakes, dive into the present, that’s all it takes

My brain is on fire, there's nothing left, just me on this bed
I fly through the mire, fuck up everything I see, the self-pity I dread
I wish I could talk, in manners that could communicate the confusion I feel
I know it's all my fault, how meaningless I am, but traversing it means so much to me

I lose everything I had, in hallucinations black, my self control is all gone
A shell of meaningless emotions to the world, locked in with energy of the sun
Rip off my face, tear off my ears, my connection to this earth turns to stone
Flail around in fear, await the end, as I truly am all alone

I'm leaving you, I'm leaving you, you never loved me, you never loved me
I'm all alone, I'm all alone, come back to me, come back to me
Pretend you're there, pretend you're there, so I can be happy, so I can be happy
Put your nails in me, put your nails in me, I'm always happy, I'm always happy
Track Name: 496
I make another story
This one a little weirder than the last
Instead of looking inward
I try to tear it out
Parts of the story I have built
A little out of order
For in this new strange place I’m in
I am not over here

A light near the beginning of the tunnel
that withers out by the middle
Creates a vicious cycle, infinite loop
Extract the flowers from pure will

Why is a war so destructive without the other side’s care
All they need to do is move away
Invertebrateic yet trying to stand up
Impossible to keep solid at all

There is so much more to us than this
There is much more to us than such earthly things
I am nothing without without hands from the sky
Gold statue turns everything I touch into shit

One ping of consciousness, one fault in the ground
Breaks the atoms of my mind, misled into caves
Of silly energy unused till the most improper of times
Of whom unsure of how to be saved

Angel flying up above all else
Guiding the rest away from my bed
I wonder if my memory will be worth more
Than my presence in this world

Oh the goddesses, they’re as beautiful as satan
One day I’ll be dead enough to stop praying to myself
Ridiculous poetry drips into an endless vat of me
I’m a parolee dangerously close to leaving this strange hotel

I just want you to be happy, as happy as can be
Track Name: Ellipsis
Focus, please, for one second
I need you to remember one thing
With regards to all these things you’ve heard here
Nothing’s as bad as it seems, for me

Well I
I just need some time
With you

Cushion the fall with endless love
6 times I wander to you
28 days I feel better again but
496 thoughts accrue

Just tell me baby
Do you feel the same way
Not just about me
About anything

I rest my head
We are not alone
I know not of logistics
Just ends and my home
Free and shapeless
Reason seems gone
We are not bad people at heart
We just gotta keep on

Don’t believe in your heaven
Don’t believe in your hell
We are not born sinners don’t you see
Just humans in cells
Let us extend our mind
Let us conquer our woes
Let us move past this world
That puts on such a strange show

6 28 496