An Endeavor

by Half Face

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Erik Fredriksen's Senior Quest for Georgetown Day School.


released July 9, 2012

Erik Fredriksen: All Vocals, Production, Instruments, Lyrics, Art, Etc




Half Face Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Half Face is Erik Fredriksen.

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Track Name: Good Morning
Hey baby, how you doin this morning
I'm peeling off my exterior, please forgive me if I'm sore
Hey baby, you looking lovely this morning
Everytime I said I loved you, I only meant it even more.

Open my eyes, wish you were mine
Don't you ever underestimate my power
Theres nothing I have ever wanted more
I told you once, I'm sorry but
I'm ready to get out of bed
Won't you follow me, pick me up off the floor

One more way, another day
I don't know what I would do without you
I'll always hold your memory close to my heart
Statue large, you lead the charge
That may just puncture the barriers that
Cloud my sight, you'll always shape my mind
The summer showers light
I may be just a blight
But I mean it every time
Ill love you all my life
Track Name: A Strange Phenomenon
This reminds me of a time
We whispered the most personal things
Locked away in a worldwide bank
What may the past bring?
And we are
Two intellectuals
Scared yet alive more than ever
But we feel so small

You, you want our world to end
At the time it seemed out of the blue
But I, rose up up to play my hand
And I know that you have too

Remember how one day, I was convulsing and I couldn't think straight
My wings sprouted but weighted with doubt
I ripped them off with a scream of agony and they started grow again.
Whatever's within me, I had to get it out
Track Name: Analogous to Volcanos
Fire, retain my desire
Crawl through the mire, becoming a tree
Formation, you got my attention
You're constantly changing, or maybe it's just me
I was told one time, that by now I'd have wings to fly,
By the red in my face you'd think that I'd committed a crime
Sprouting from a melting pot of emotions, ones I fought
To declare, I am not weak, I am a man, all for naught

Wires, I'll electrify her
The one I admire, she pulls me a weed
Burning, I will be rising,
I will be crying, I'll conquer, you'll see, youll all see!

Detonating skies, burning alive
The forests were planted but they're destined to die
And I wonder, would I be able to rise out of the ashes
if maybe I just held you one more time

And though I might do my best, I know I'm worst than the rest
And by at the end of the day I'm always a wreck.

Rumble my earth, tear at my crust
Melt away all the lingering lust
My everyone explodes so fast that everything's gone by the time I look back
And all that I wish is that I could move on or had started before
There were so many people I wanted to love
So many people I will always love

Hey, you ready
No more shall I hole up
Exploding with mountains of love
And yet I fail again

Give me one second

Track Name: There's a Lot of Fog Today
This train seems pretty dangerous
For someone of your physique
Sometimes I think about people
Who I'd want to keep me company
My music's kinda loud but
It drowns out the noise outside
I'll move slowly despite the stops
That keep slowing my stride

I wish this fog would clear
Sometimes I'm afraid to sleep at night
I toss and turn not knowing where I'm going
I falter and it gives me a fright

This thing keeps moving forward
And I'm doing my best to hang on
Passionate and stupid but trying
My hardest to keep strong
I won't rely on what I see
But white delicate sensory
Pure and unknowing, dissecting
Feelings with curiosity

Do you remember when we used to die
Cause just seeing you makes me feel so good
I wish I knew how to operate this vehicle
Maybe I could fix what's under the hood

Build up a Separate continent and set it ablaze
But it just grows into a maze
Now let's get one thing straight, baby
I just want to know what drives you crazy
Throw away my world and dreams and you know what I mean
Don't let me get in the way of you and me
Track Name: I Suppose that this is Farewell, Then
Come on now, the times is changing so quickly
And all it seems to do is hurt me
I think I'm ready to head out today

Come on now, I'm bout to rip off my legs
You think that I'll get over the end
But slowly I'll transform back into an egg

And I
Feel my insides converging
To a mass of helplessness and fear
So I reach out to you and cringe

C'mon now, dance
You only got one life, don't waste it

Swelling, shapely and beautiful
And many years may pass before it turns to dust
Wrap around means never stop loving
And know that everything we do is just

Sucking up information like a collector
Trying to ignore the fact that I need her

Euphoria, chorea, pneumonia

I selfishly wished that I could be free
From all of the love and the shame around me

Come on now, just one more time on more time
The damage is irreversible and I'm
Seeing things I can't define

I wish I could control my shaking figure
My head is spinning like a top
It's been so long since I've thought
I just wish that I could fucking stop
I'm struggling to understand the world
A million needles of words
Reiterate themselves like a million hits
But I'm not crying cause I don't give a shit

They say that brevity is the soul of wit
So before i burn my last wing
I'm going to come right out and say it
Know that I dont care about anything