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I walked through the doorway of fire
Satan's there to let me in
I ripped out his heart and lyre
Just to have it disappear again

I ripped off the mask of death
To assimilate myself with David
I believed in whatever may be up there
I wish that I never did

Crushed like a bug inside your arteries
Shaken like the glass of spiked wine you ordered me
Crossed out like Jesus when he tried to defend the meek
When you all loved me I begged you to let me speak

Diseased, in pieces
Scared because it's everywhere

Well I'll just lie in our naïveté
And wish I could be your ghost
But none of this is real, it's just an excuse
To run from our real host

Don't be afraid my love
You don't need to do this to yourself

Destroyer Admire me as I run away

Reach put and take my hand
It will all be ok, don't worry just trust me
The sand will flow out of our statue
And I will reach through the covers and seeds

While I am worthless in this world
This is not how to deal with things
Don't take the knife or pray to us
Just wake up and sing


from Part I: The Family, released April 6, 2011




Half Face Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Half Face is Erik Fredriksen.

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